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Our professional team of seasoned plumbers at Maitz Home Services realizes that a hidden water leak can become a costly issue. We know that the best way to prevent possible water damage and save money is catching hidden leaks before they get a chance to really hurt your property. For that reason, our team of plumbers has decided to put together this list of six signs to watch out for. We encourage following this simple how to find a water leak in your home guide to ensure that your home is safe from pesky leaks.
  1. Be Sure To Check The Water Meter: We know that this may seem like the easiest and most simple step but it is an important one. This is one of the surest ways to tell whether you have a leak in your home. To do this you will want to turn off all the water in your home and shut off all the faucets. After you shut it all down, watch your water meter and notice if you see any changes. If changes do occur you more than likely have a rapidly-moving leak but if it doesn't move right away wait two hours and then come back. If you return and the number on your meter has changed you might have a slow leak. Unfortunately, leaks could be anywhere, including underground. The good thing is that after running this test you will know whether or not you are dealing with a leak. We advise that you not run your washing machine and dishwasher during this process.
  2. Take Note of Your Water Usage: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners monitor their water usage every couple months in order to make sure that there is no leak in your home. A solid way to see if there is a leak in your home is to know that a family of four will on average use less than 12,000 gallons of water per month. When a family of four uses more than amount there is a good chance that the home has a serious leak issue.
  3. Check For Exterior Usage: The bad news is that leaks are not just limited to your home's interior, be sure to check on all of your outside spigots by attaching a garden hose to them. You'll want to replace the rubber hose gasket and make sure that your connections remain tight while you hose is in use. You also might want to consider having one of our specialists to come and check on your home's irrigation system once a year, if your property has one. This is all important because even a small leak could potentially waste up to 6,300 gallons of water per month.
  4. Review Your Water Bills: Our specialists advise homeowners to review their monthly water bill and keep track of their water usage to make sure there are no steady increases. If your water bill is steadily increasing but your water habits have not changed this could be a sign of a hidden leak underground. A tricky hidden leak could go undetected for a long time but felt in your bill, paying for all the excess water leaking underground. This is why we recommend getting the help of a professional plumber to check on your home's whole plumbing system and make sure that you have no hidden leaks.
  5. Food Coloring Isn't Just For Baking: The toilets inside of your home account for over 30% of your water use. That is why our technicians recommend checking up on how your toilet is functioning once in a while to make sure it is not wasting water. A clever industry secret is to use food coloring as a tester. Add a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank and then wait around 10 minutes. If your color does start to seep into your bowl then you have a leak that is letting water flow from the tank of your toilet into the drain without ever flushing the bowl.
  6. Check For More Common Signs: We suggest making a habit of inspecting behind cabinets or under basins to look for any possible signs of mold. You'll also want to keep an eye out for any foul smells, these could be the sign of a leak. Proper care attention could help you save thousands in avoiding future repairs. Don't wait until it's to late get a professional company like ours to do an inspection so that you can be certain that there are no hidden leaks on your property, especially if your home is over 25 years old. Check on all of your connections regularly such as pumps, water heaters, washing machine valves or hoses for discoloration or rust as these are obvious signs of a slow leak.

Need The Help Of a Professional?

You can always count on our team of expert plumbers at Maitz Home Services, we are always ready to help. We'll gladly run through all of these steps and prepared to provide the best solution through our extended services. Our company's leak detection team can help you find even the most challenging hidden leaks through our extended tests and will have it fixed in no time. Give us a call today for swift, hassle-free and exceptional leak detection services.
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