Ductless Split or Traditional Air Conditioning? Which is Right for You?

By now you've most likely heard that there are a few different types of air conditioning systems. The three most common type of AC systems are:
  • Traditional Split AC Systems Traditional split systems separate the condensing section of the system from the air handler section of the system. The condenser will always be outside in open air, and the air handler is almost always located inside the building being cooled. These systems disperse cool air throughout the building through a system of air ducts.
  • Ductless Split AC Systems Just like traditional split systems, ductless split systems separate the condensing portion of the system from the air handler. The primary difference between the two is that a ductless split system provides cool air without using ductwork.
  • Package Units Package units are air conditioning systems where both the condenser and the air handler portions of an AC system are housed in the same chassis. Like traditional split AC systems, package units move cold air throughout a building using a system of ducts.

The Benefits of a Ductless Split System

The most obvious and substantial benefit to a ductless split AC system is the lack of ductwork. Since an HVAC technician will not need to run expensive ducting throughout your home or business, a ductless split AC system is often more affordable to install. However, ductless split AC systems are best utilized for single-room cooling. If you want to cool your entire home or business then you would need to install several split systems to cover the space.

The Benefits of a Traditional Split AC System

Traditional split AC systems consist of a condenser and an air handler. The condenser condenses refrigerant to send to the air handler which cools the air and pushes it through the ductwork for your home. These types of AC systems are best for whole-house and whole-business cooling solutions. You will (most likely) only need a single system to cool your entire premise.

The Advantages of a Packaged Air Conditioning System

A packaged air conditioning system combines the compressor and the air handler into one package unit. These systems are usually reserved for large spaces that require exceptional cooling power. This type of AC system is also very large and space-dependent. The best part about these systems is that technicians have easy access to the entirety of your HVAC system for maintenance and repair work.

Which Type of AC is Best for You?

The type of air conditioning system that is best for you is very dependent on your cooling requirements. If you have a single room or space that needs cooling, a ductless split AC system will best suit your needs. When you have an entire house or small business to cool, traditional split AC systems are the best option. For large spaces (like warehouses or office buildings) package AC systems are the most efficient and convenient to use. If you have any questions about the different types of HVAC equipment or if you're ready to have a new system installed, then please give the expert HVAC technicians here at Maitz Home Services a call right away! We're always here to help solve all your air conditioning needs!
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