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The Health and Safety Concerns of Chemical Drain Cleaners In The Home

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The Health and Safety Concerns of Chemical Drain Cleaners In The Home

We usually don't think twice about the store bought cleaners in our homes, but chemical drain cleaners are among the most dangerous chemicals you can buy. They can damage not only your plumbing system, but harm your family's health.

There are several types of drain clearing products. The alkaline kind contains sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. The acidic type of drain cleaners contain concentrated sulphiric acid. Other chemicals found in drain cleaners include bleach and lye. All of these chemicals are highly corrosive.

While drain cleaners can be effective at removing organic matter from the top section of drain pipes, they do not work as well on clogs that are further down the drain pipe.

Because most chemical drain cleaners will cause a chemical reaction when coming in contact with organic matter inside the drain, it's important that they be added very slowly and that you take precautions to cover your face and skin to avoid coming in contact with the chemicals. Contact with drain cleaners can cause burns, blindness and inflammation to your respiratory system. Chemical drain cleaners can also corrode pipes and damage household surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom, such as wood, paint, aluminum and fiberglass.

The Advantages of Professional Drain Cleaning

The safest and most effective method of clearing clogged drains is to call a plumber. Plumbers clear drains using mechanical methods to physically remove the toughest clogs that store bought drain cleaners either cannot reach or fail to fully dissolve.

With a professional plumber you will eliminate the need to store hazardous chemicals in your home, risking your family's health and damage to your plumbing system.

The next time you have a clogged drain emergency, don't risk using chemical drain cleaners, call Maitz Home Services. We'll arrive in minutes, not hours, to clear your toughest clogs.
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