Water leaks, both seen and unseen, around your home can cost you a lot of money. Your water bill will be higher and there could be water damage to your home. Some of the most common types of leaks found around the typical home are from worn out toilet flappers, worn out faucets and leaking valves and pipes. Fixing all these leaks can pay for itself in water savings.

Checking for Leaks Around The Home

 Have a look at your water meter before and after a period of several hours when water is not being used anywhere in the home. If the meter shows any increase at all, you probably have a hidden leak somewhere.

Leaking Toilets

You can identify toilet leaks by putting a few drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If any color shows up in the bowl after 10-15 minutes, the toilet has a leak. The most common reason toilets leak is an old or worn out toilet flapper, also called a valve seal. Flappers are inexpensive rubber parts that can become covered with minerals or decay over time. Replacing them is a quick and easy fix for your water loss. Also examine the toilet gaskets and fittings for any water leaks on the outside, near of the toilet.

Leaking Faucets & Shower Heads

The most common cause of leaking faucets are old, worn faucet washers and gaskets. Many times a leaky shower head can be fixed by ensuring there is a tight connection between the shower head and the pipe and by using pipe tape (Teflon tape) to secure the connection.  For valve leaks in a shower that drips when not in use, contact Maitz for professional repair.

Water Heaters

Old water heater tanks can rust and develop leaks over time. Inspect the area around the water heater tank for signs of water leaks or stains.

If you are still experiencing water loss after checking the plumbing fixtures around your home, call Maitz Home Services. can help you solve the more difficult water leak problems.
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