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Easton Plumbing

Modern Easton plumbing is a complicated thing. With sewers, drains, water lines, water heaters, water treatment, fixtures, repiping, and so much more, you need the help of professional plumbers. Whether you need a plumber during the day or a 24-hour plumber for those night and weekend emergencies, Maitz Home Services is the Easton plumber you should choose. For over 50 years, we have been providing plumbing and other services to our neighbors in Easton. We are proud to be the plumbers that generations of our neighbors have trusted. We are a full-service company able to handle all of your plumbing in Easton. We handle everything from toilet repair to trenchless sewer replacement to water heater repair and replacement to dishwasher repair. We are the emergency plumber you need when the toilet overflows or the water main breaks. We are the plumbing contractors who can handle plumbing your new home or repiping your existing one. So contact our team of plumbing pros today for all your plumbing needs. You can reach us at 484-273-4802 or 570-426-9099 or stop by our company office at 3320 Hamilton Blvd, Easton, PA 18103.

Easton Plumbing Fixture Services

Your plumbing fixtures require the attention of the Easton plumbing company that your neighbors trust. Easton plumbing fixtures come in many sizes, shapes, and brands. That's why you need a company that has the experience and training to handle any job you need to be done. Our plumbing fixture repair services cover just about anything connected to your home's plumbing. We offer repair and replacement for washing machines, dishwashers, and garbage disposal units.

Easton Drain Cleaning

Do you have a clogged drain in the shower? Or are you dealing with a clogged sink? The reasons why your drain could be clogged are numerous. Here are a few reasons why you may need an Easton drain cleaning.
  • Hair: A major culprit in bathroom sinks according to plumbers in Easton.
  • Food Waste: Can clog garbage disposals and kitchen drains.
  • Fat and grease: These are major problems in kitchen drains.
  • Mineral Deposits: Come from hard water and can be a problem in some homes.
  • Small Objects: Such as toys, can create a clog just about anywhere.
  • Tree Roots: They can infiltrate your buried pipes causing havoc throughout your plumbing system.
You may be thinking that hiring an Easton drain cleaning company to clear the clog is foolish. If you can use a plunger to move the clog, that is great. However, if the clog won't move, or it keeps recurring, you need to call in a professional Easton drain cleaning company. Trying to clear a drain with a store-bought chemical is hazardous. You can burn or poison yourself, your kids or your pets. They are also bad for the environment. Plus, in most cases, you will clear only part of the problem and will have another clog occur in a short amount of time. We offer Easton hydro-jetting which helps break up and wash away clogs of just about any size. A jet of water shoots out at high speed to blast away fat and clogs. The water then carries the debris away into the sewer. All that is left behind is a clean pipe for water to flow through. Now, we want to let you in on a secret. You can prevent clogs from occurring using our Easton hydro-jetting service. Most clogs build up over time due to fat, grease, and other debris accumulating along the pipe walls and bends. Hydro-jetting by Easton plumbers is a great way to clear out any accumulated debris before it becomes a clog that causes havoc. For tougher jobs that hydro-jetting can't handle, we are the top rooter service. Sometimes pipes get clogged with tree roots or mineral build-up. A rooter service in Easton uses special knives to cut away tough clogs, clearing a clogged drain for waste to flow freely.

Easton Water Heaters

Today's homeowner has two types of water heaters to choose from: tanked and tankless. The tanked water heater is the traditional model. You likely have a big tank sitting in a closet, your garage, or the basement. It has certain advantages in some homes. This type of water heater is usually cheaper to install or replace. Replacing the tanked model is easy as it uses the same pipes and circuits the old tanked water heater used. It also keeps hot water ready for instantaneous use. Tankless Easton water heaters are rapidly growing in popularity, especially when doing a replacement. These water heaters are highly efficient and use less energy than the tanked version. Tankless water heaters in Easton also have a longer lifespan and take up less space. When it comes to Easton water heaters, Maitz Home Services offers both styles. We can review your hot water needs and help you decide if Easton tankless water heaters are a good idea for your home or if a traditional tanked one would be better. We also offer water heater repair in Easton. If the hot water is no longer flowing, you need to bring in a plumber to take a look. Quite often it is a quick water heater repair in Easton that will get the hot water flowing quickly. However, sometimes water heater repair is not an option. That is when we will recommend an Easton tankless water heaters or the traditional tank model.

Easton Water Treatment

Water is essential for life and living. We drink it to hydrate our bodies and we use it to clean our house and our clothes. Living with hard water or water filled with impurities is not easy. That is why Easton water treatment is the answer. We offer both water filtration in Easton and water softeners. Hard water is filled with minerals that make cleaning difficult. Minerals create red stains in the sink and bathtub. They leave crusty deposits on your kitchen utensils. Easton water softeners can help eliminate the problems caused by hard water. They use salt to replace the minerals in the water, creating a "softer" water that doesn't cause the stains and deposits that hard water leaves behind. If you have older plumbing in Easton or are connected to an aging water system, you may be tasting it with every glass of water you drink or every meal you make. Impurities can come from anywhere the water flows. These impurities can leave a nasty taste or odor in the water. The answer is water filtration in Easton. The water goes through multiple filters to remove the impurities, leaving behind clean tasty water.

Easton Repiping

Why would you need a repiping in Easton? Easton is a historic place filled with many older homes. Unfortunately, one of the challenges with owning an older home is dealing with aging plumbing in Easton. You may be experiencing leaks or pipe failures in many parts of your home. You may find that the water pressure is low and getting worse. You may be holding your breath that the house sewer won't fail in the next year. All of these are reasons why you may need an Easton repipe. A whole-house repipe should only be done by licensed Easton plumbers. The water flows into the house under pressure and returns to the sewer through gravity. Messing up the pressure of the water lines or the gravity feed of the drains translates into major plumbing problems down the road. A professional repiping in Easton is the only answer. Plus, most jurisdictions require a permit for such a repipe. Sometimes, you don't need a whole-house repipe in Easton. Sometimes it is just the sewer line that you need to replace. The good news is that we offer Easton trenchless sewer replacement. That way you don't' have to worry about digging a big hole in your yard. We also offer trenchless sewer repair in Easton. If only a section of the sewer is broken, our trenchless sewer repair in Easton is the answer.

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Your Easton plumbing needs should only be handled by the best. Maitz Home Services is the Easton plumbing company that can handle all of your plumbing needs, including sewers, drains, water lines, water heaters, water treatment, fixtures, repiping and more. We are the Easton plumber your neighbors choose whether they need service on a weekday or need a 24-hour plumber on nights or weekends. We have proudly served our neighbors and friends for over 50 years. Let us be the plumbers in Easton your family uses for generations to come. So call today at 484-273-4802 or 570-426-9099 where we get it done in a hurry, without a worry. If you need a full-service Easton plumbing company, call us today. We can do anything and everything you need.
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