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Geothermal Heating & Cooling For Allentown PA & Surrounding Communities

Maitz Home Services is the Right Choice for Geothermal

It’s More Than Just Warm and Cool Air In Your Home

A geothermal comfort system installed by Maitz Home Services not only provides heat and air conditioning to your home, it can also provide heat to in-floor heating systems, pools, spas and melt the ice and snow off your driveway.  It even provides virtually free hot water!   Your Maitz Home Services representative will show you all the ways that you can benefit from geothermal technology including these:

400% Efficient and More!
  • Geothermal Will Heat and Cool Your Home
  • Geothermal Will Save You 30% - 70% On Utility Bills
  • Geothermal is Perfect For New Construction and Existing Homes
  • Geothermal Can Be Installed On Any Sized Lot
  • Geothermal Will Give Your Virtually FREE Hot Water
  • Geothermal Eliminates the Need for your Outdated A/C Compressor Outside
  • Geothermal Systems Run So Quietly You’ll Hardly Know They’re On!
  • Geothermal Environmentally Friendly
  • Maitz Home Services’ Geothermal Systems Qualify for Tax Credits Of 30%!

Years Of Reliable Service

A geothermal system installed by the professionals at Maitz Home Services will last nearly twice as long as the typical life expediency of a standard furnace and A/C system. In fact, the loop lines buried near your home are guaranteed to last 50 years.  

Our preferred geothermal systems are Bosch and ClimateMaster.  By offering two top quality products we’re able to custom design a system that is perfect for your home.  Your Maitz Home Services representative can show you the advantages and benefits of each system.

Clean and Green

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that geothermal comfort systems are the most environmentally safe, cost effective heating and cooling systems available.  There’s no flame, no flue, no odor and no carbon monoxide.  Geothermal uses renewable energy helping you to reduce your carbon footprint for future generations.

FACT:  Installing a Maitz Home Services geothermal system is the environmental equivalent to planting 750 trees.  Why?  Our geothermal systems don’t burn ANY fossil fuels and they don’t release carbon dioxide into the air that can affect global warming.  Cleaner air.  No acid rain.  

How Does A Geothermal System Work?


The earth absorbs nearly 50% of all solar energy resulting in a constant temperature of 50°F to 55°F degrees.

A Maitz Home Services geothermal comfort system exchanges energy with the earth to heat and cool your home.  Fluids are circulated through a series of sealed pipes buried near your home.  In the winter, the circulating fluids absorb the heat of the earth.  That heat is delivered to a unit inside your home where it is compressed to a higher temperature and sent as warm air throughout your home.

In the summer, the system reverses and removes heat from your home to deliver it to the cooler earth below.  It’s just that simple!

Maitz Home Services can install a geothermal system in new construction or an existing home on a rural acreage or on the smallest city lot.
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