Improve Energy Efficiency

If you are a homeowner it's natural that you would like to find a simple way to improve energy efficiency in your home. We have enough things and bills to worry about today, the last thing that we need is a high energy bill. That is exactly why your friends here at Maitz Home Services want to let you in on some secrets and give you 6 simple tips to lower your energy bill and improve energy efficiency in your home today. So take a look at these steps and watch your energy bill drop in the coming months.

1. Replace High-Energy Appliances with More Efficient Versions

If your home is over 15 years old it could largely benefit from upgrading to more energy efficient appliances. such as a new air conditioner, furnace, or boiler. For the most part, if your heating system is around 15 to 20 years old it may be running rough and wasting major energy for today's standards. Technology has made it possible for these units to run much smoother and energy efficient. Even a low-end model of today could compete and outperform the high-end model of yesterday. We advise looking into replacing some older models that you may have in your home and also combine it with other home improvements such as sealing doors and windows, adding more insulation and improving ductwork. by doing this your energy savings will be maximized. Making a change like this might seem daunting at first but over time your unit will repay itself.

2. Make the Water System More Efficient

You may also make your water system more efficient by installing low-flow plumbing fixtures such as showerheads, faucets, and toilets. Some models are adjustable so that whoever is using them can switch the settings to whatever they like. The other great benefit of low-flow fixtures is that they are fairly inexpensive to install. They usually repay themselves in a matter of months. A tankless water heater can help produce hot water right on the spot instead of having to keep water hot around the clock, which means that it will use much less energy. Standard water heaters have also got so much better than their past versions so an upgrade to a new unit will help save money.

3. Add an Extra Layer of Insulation in the Attic

You may find yourself asking how much insulation is really needed in a house. Newer homes are often insulated well enough but homes that are several decades older may not be and might require some added help to keep you insulated and protected from the climate outside your home. Adding an extra layer of insulation inside of your attic could prove very beneficial as it will keep the warm air in your home from escaping since "hot air rises". Keeping in as much warm air as possible could really help out during those cold months in the winter.

4. Install New Doors and Windows (or Seal the Current Ones)

By adding weather stripping or caulking around the windows, you can help get rid of drafts and make a your home less expensive to heat or cool. Though this may be a simple alternative to buying an entirely new front door or new windows, it may not be enough for some older single pane windows. A newer window model could do a way better job of keeping the inside of your home more regulated because they do not allow much hot or cold air to get out. The best window frames for insulation are made out of wood but they tend to be more expensive. These window frames could be worth the investment in the long run when compared to vinyl or aluminum.

5. Enhance Air Conditioning with Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans create a gentle breeze in the home and also help circulate air around your home. This can help during the summer and winter months. Running a fan could cost cents per day to power which is much less than the cost of running an air conditioner all day.

6. Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you get a programmable thermostat you could enhance your heating and cooling efficiency by allowing you to set your climate control systems so that they can achieve the optimal temperature at a minimal cost. Having a programmable thermostat could make it possible to turn your temperature down when no one is at home or when everyone is in bed. Once you program the thermostat it will automatically alter the temperature with no other manual adjustments needed.

Unsure How Much Energy You Are Wasting?

Implementing these two simple improvements can lead to energy savings and will also add value to your home. You may be wondering whether your home is wasting a lot of energy right now and fortunately we can help you out today by offering doing inspection of your home's plumbing system. Contact our highly-rated company to get the job done, call us today and save tomorrow.