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Keep Your Furnace or Boiler System Running Reliably and Safely With a Heating System Tune-up From Maitz

Maitz Home Services performs furnace and boiler tune ups and maintenance in Allentown Bethlehem and Easton, and the surrounding counties of: Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Monroe, Bucks, and Montgomery.

Did You Know? Annual heating system tune ups can prevent over 70% of breakdowns and increase energy efficiency by as much as 40%!

The best way to keep your home's heating system operating efficiently is correct small problems before they become costly problems. Have Maitz Home Services perform an annual heating system tune-up.

At Maitz Home Services, we go way beyond the basic cleaning and inspection.

Our Precision Furnace tune up includes an air delivery system analysis to insure maximum airflow to all areas of your home. We also check for any malfunctions that can cause CO2 poisoning, giving you peace of mind knowing your furnace is operating safely and efficiently. We'll even replace the batteries in your thermostat to prevent unexpected breakdowns during cold winter nights.

Best of all, a furnace tune-up will pay for itself by saving you up to 30% on your energy bills!

Our Precision Furnace Tune-up Includes:

  • Air Delivery System Analysis
  • Inspect Burners and Venting
  • Lubricate Components
  • Check temperatures and Pressures
  • Inspect Electronic Connections
  • Check Heat Exchanger for Cracks (This the deadly carbon monoxide test)
  • Check Filers, Belts, Pulleys and Motors
  • Test Safety Switches
  • Inspect Controls
  • And more!

Do You Have A Boiler?

If your home uses hydronic, baseboard or radiant boiler heating, we're the area's home boiler heating repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance service specialists.

We service and repair every type of steam heating and hot water boiler system in Allentown Bethlehem and Easton, and the surrounding counties of: Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Monroe, Bucks, and Montgomery.

Our technicians are highly trained and continuously updated on the latest maintenance techniques on all types of boilers and boiler fuel sources. So whether you have a gas, oil or electric boiler, we'll get your heating system repaired correctly, safely and operating at peak performance.

Our Precision Furnace Tune-up Includes:

  • Check Boiler For Carbon Monoxide
  • Check Thermostat Operation
  • Clean & Gap Boiler Ignition Assembly
  • Test Boiler Starting Capabilities
  • Perform Combustion Test & Adjust Air/Fuel Mixture
  • Replace Burner Nozzle
  • Check Expansion Tank and adjust system water pressure
  • Replace Oil Filter & Strainer
  • Monitor Boiler Flue Draft
  • Check Boiler Flue Pipe (For Leaks)
  • Vacuum Out Chimney Base
  • Vacuum & Brush Main Burners & Combustion Chamber
  • Test All Boiler Safety Controls
  • Tighten Boiler Electrical Connections
  • Check Boiler Gas Pressure
  • Check Boiler Burner Flames Output
  • Check Boiler Pilot Light Flame
  • Check & Replace Boiler Thermo Coupling
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts
  • Check & Clean Boiler Low Water Cut Off*
  • Check Boiler Pressure Control
  • Check Boiler Water Feeder*
  • Check Boiler Sections
  • Check Boiler Switch Relays
  • Check Boiler Transformers
  • Check Boiler Drain Out Valves
  • Check Boiler Carbon Monoxide Spill Switch
  • Check End Of The Line Air Valve*
  • Check Bleeder Valves**
  • Check Boiler Safety Roll Of Switch
  • Check Boiler Circulator Pump**
  • Check Boiler Water Flow Valve**
  • Check Boiler Circulator Pump Flanges**
  • Check Chimney Base Connection
  • Check Boiler Back Flow Preventor
  • Check Boiler Emergency Switch
  • Check Boiler Aquastat
  • Check Boiler Flu Damper
  • Water Level Sight Glass/Valves*
  • Check Air Level In Boiler Room
  • Place Emergency Valves Tags On Water, Gas And Drain Shut Off Valves

* Steam Boiler
** Hot Water Boiler

Want To Save Even MORE On Your Energy Bills Without Sacrificing Comfort?

Don't heat the house when no one is home! If your schedule is predictable, a programmable thermostat can activate the heating system just before you arrive by adjusting your temperatures automatically before you get home.

A programmable thermostat can be set to lower the temperature when you're away from home, which saves you money and then automatically increases the temperature so your home will be warm and comfortable when you return. Matiz Home Services can install your new programmable thermostat and teach you how to use it. Its easy!

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