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Maitz Home Services in Allentown provides Tankless water heater solutions for all your water heater needs. Replacing your water heater with a high-efficiency tankless water heater provides incredible cost savings. Allentown tankless water heaters provide hot water so efficiently you will notice immediate savings on water, fuel and time. You’ll never wait for hot water again when you switch to a tankless water heater. When you are ready for the amazing benefits of a tankless water heater than contact us at 610-435-7100 today. We will install your new tankless water heater and remove your old unit. Our repair and maintenance services will keep your water heater in optimal health far into the future.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heating units heat water without the aid of a water storage tank. When water is turned on, the heater senses the resultant water flow, which causes it to fire up. Instantly, the tankless water heater begins to heat the cold water resting in the copper coils and is delivered to the open faucet. As soon as the hot water faucet is turned off, the tankless water heater immediately shuts down. Allentown high-efficiency tankless water heaters offer exceptional performance benefits including:
  • Save 20% to 40% On Your Water Heating Energy Bills
  • 15 Year No Leak Warranty
  • Endless Hot Water Without Water Pressure Drop
  • Self Cleaning
  • Ultra Low Emissions Leave Almost No Carbon Footprint

Why You Need High-Efficiency Tankless Water Heaters

High-efficiency tankless water heaters can improve your life in many ways: They help you conserve energy by only heating the water you need, saving you the costs associated with heating the water in traditional, low-efficiency water heaters. The sleek, compact design frees up space and allows greater placement options. Hot water is immediately available without having to wait for the sink faucet or shower to heat up. If running out of how water is an inconvenience then a tankless water heater may be the answer for you.

Helpful Allentown Tankless Water Heater Repair Service

When your tankless water heater needs repair you will be able to tell. An appliance that shuts down without warning can cause serious problems. The absence of hot water pressure is often an early indication that something is wrong. Other possible indications are strange sounds, leakage, change to water flavor or colors, temperature fluctuations or varying pressure. If your water heater is behaving erratically you may need Allentown tankless water heater repair service.

If a tankless water heating unit is right for your home, Maitz Home Services highly recommends Eternal™.

Dependable Tankless Water Heater Replacement in Allentown

It can be expensive and troublesome to maintain a water heater that suffers from frequent repair issues. Replacing an unreliable water heater with a high-efficiency Allentown Tankless Water Heater we can get rid of that problem for you. Tankless water heaters generally remain in excellent working order for 10 to 15 years. When your tankless water heater needs replacement our expert team of technicians can help. When you notice reduced efficiency, inconsistent heat or water pressure your tankless water heater may need to be replaced.

Your Tankless Water Heater Solution

Are you plagued with non-stop water heater problems at home? It can be a real hassle to struggle with an appliance that will not perform properly and that you rely on every day. Our dedicated team of water heater technicians can help you with your water heater problems no matter what the type. Our experts are trained to handle any water heater and related plumbing issues you may have. Call us today at 610-435-7100 to schedule an appointment. We want to talk to you about your tankless water heater solutions.

Call610-435-7100 today for a free consultation. You can find our knowledgeable staff at:
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