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With Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Maitz Can Fix Your Sewer Line Without Digging Up Your Yard

Trenchless Sewer & Waterline Repair For Allentown & Surrounding Communities

Replacing underground sewer and water lines used to mean destroying your entire front yard. However, with our trenchless repair option Maitz Home Services can do the job in about a day and spare your lawn from disaster.

Sewers can run slow or back up for a variety of reasons. Foreign objects can become lodged in the line, tree roots can infiltrate the sewer line, old Orangeburg Pipe might still be used in your home, pipes can become misaligned, or they can collapse all together. Water lines can fall victim to many of the same problems.

Diagnosing sewer and water line problems can be difficult; and often, it's just guesswork. But not with Maitz Home Services! Utilizing the latest video and diagnostic technologies to locate your underground sewer or water line problem our team of technicians will identify and recommend the best solution for your property. You even be able to see the problem yourself on our video monitor system!

Maitz Home Services Offer Three Trenchless Line Replacement Options

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Lining

Water Line Replacement

Our trenchless pipe bursting method begins by creating small access points to the damaged pipe. Following the path of the existing line, a hydraulic machine bores a clean tunnel while simultaneously pulling a replacement pipe down the line. The new polyethylene pipe it rated to last for fifty years.

Our trenchless water line replacement method utilizes a pneumatic missle sent from your basement to the curb shut off valve. In most cases, where soil conditions permit, that is the only area excavated. We then feed your new water line through the hole, and connect at the curb stop and your plumbing system.

Our trenchless pipe lining method requires little digging and actually creates a new, permanent pipe inside the old, existing pipe. A temporary, inflatable bladder is inserted into the old pipe along with epoxy relining materials. When the bladder is inflated the epoxy forms a seamless, durable pipe. The bladder is removed, connections are made and the flow is restored.

Watch the Pipe Lining Video

Our trenchless solution is quicker and less expensive than open-trench digging. This means that your drains and water lines will be repaired without destructive, open-trench digging in your yard, patio, driveway or gardens.
Maitz Home Services can solve your sewer line problems, guaranteed!
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