Celebrate Your Favorite Pros on HVAC Technician Day!

Celebrate Your Favorite Pros on HVAC Technician Day!

At Maitz Home Services we would like to take the time to honor, recognize, congratulate and thank our HVAC technicians on this special day. Every hardworking individual deserves to be recognized, and we are extremely proud of our team.

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HVAC technicians help us to stay comfortable year-round. They help us through heating and cooling emergencies; sometimes in the dead of night. They troubleshoot complex problems and find the correct solutions, fast.

The work of an HVAC technician isn’t easy, and those who choose to undertake it deserve our gratitude and heartfelt thanks for a (difficult) job well done. So, on this HVAC Technician Day, let’s take a moment to learn more about the industry and what it takes to succeed!

Qualifications For HVAC Recruitment

The golden rule when recruiting HVAC technicians is that they have the requisite licenses and knowledge before applying for a position. This means completing comprehensive training, including education attained through accredited courses and real-world, on-the-job experience.

An HVAC contractor’s license and accreditation can be verified online (usually through the Department of Consumer Protection’s searchable database). An HVAC technician must complete a six-month to a two-year academic program during which his or her skills are developed, from basic to advanced.

Typically, a high school diploma or GED are required to enroll in such programs. Once completed, many aspiring HVAC technicians will start their careers with an apprenticeship, during which they shadow and work closely with an experienced technician, honing their skills and learning how to apply their HVAC-related academic training in real-world situations.

Apprenticeships typically last anywhere from three to five years and are a testament to the complexity of the HVAC field, and the time, effort and commitment it takes to successfully become an HVAC technician.

Keeping Your Living Conditions Perfect

Sometimes, the work done by HVAC technicians is taken for granted. However, the services that they provide are invaluable. Imagine not having air conditioning for the duration of the sweltering summer heat.

Day after day as the thermostat passes 90 degrees, we would struggle to find comfort in our steamy, stifling homes. Think of how difficult it would be to focus on work in an office without a functioning cooling system, or to sleep at night while drenched in sweat.

We would have to completely change our way of life; everything from our clothing to our eating habits would be impacted. Similarly, imagine not having any heat in the dead of winter. Our homes would be frigid and intolerable.

Fortunately, thanks to the HVAC technicians who work on our homes, these unpleasant hypotheticals are not reality; we are kept comfortable all year long, allowing us to work, sleep, relax, and live comfortably.

The Responsibilities of Your AC Tech

The work of an HVAC technician is quite comprehensive and can include anything ranging from troubleshooting to installation. To get an idea of what our technicians do on a daily basis, basic responsibilities include:

  • Installation: HVAC technicians are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Identifying Red Flags: Technicians conduct routine safety inspections and note any problem areas that require attention, repair or replacement.
  • Troubleshooting: This means determining the cause of any sort of mechanical failure or flaw, and formulating a solution.
  • Cleaning: As part of routine maintenance, all HVAC-related equipment is cleaned and freed of dust, dirt, and debris on a regular, scheduled basis.
  • Customer Service: HVAC technicians must be able to answer a customer’s questions and address his or her concerns relating to their home’s heating and cooling system. HVAC techs interact with the public on a regular basis and must be personable, patient and knowledgeable.

Remember, HVAC technicians are hard workers who perform essential tasks that we rely on for our daily comfort. If you know an HVAC technician, take the time to reach out and congratulate him or her on this special day. If you should have any questions about pursuing a career in the HVAC field, contact Maitz Home Services at (484) 273-4802.