Precise Gas Leak Detection in Allentown

Never underestimate a gas leak, no matter how small it is. At Maitz Home Services in Allentown, PA, we have been diagnosing and repairing household gas leaks for nearly five decades. Gas leaks are always dangerous and can be fatal if left unresolved. The smallest gas leak can result in an explosion costing thousands of dollars in property danger and personal injury.

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When it comes to gas leaks, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Before doing any digging work on your property, call your local gas company so they can mark the gas lines around your house to prevent accidental damage to your gas lines. Call Maitz Home Services at the very hint of a gas leak in your home, then open all your windows and doors to ventilate the house and exit immediately.

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Gas Leak Repair Specialists

Maitz Home Services is your Allentown gas leak repair company. We understand the severity of a gas leak, so we move quickly to locate the source of a gas leak and repair it. A build-up of gas in a confined area may bring about health issues, such as dizziness and headaches, or result in an explosion.

Gas Leak Detection

Our gas leak specialists are trained to spot the smallest of gas leaks and use specialized, non-invasive, technology to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. We’ll have our technicians at your door in minutes to locate the leak and repair it.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are not always obvious, especially if they are very small. Small leaks may be subtle, but that doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous. The tiniest amount of gas has the potential to damage your home and cause personal injury.

There are ways you can tell if you have a gas leak in your home. Below are the more common ones:

  • Pilot light constantly blows out
  • A blue gas flame (not orange/yellow)
  • Physical symptoms, such as dizziness or headaches
  • Higher gas bill

Remember: Your pets are not immune to the dangers of gas leaks, and may require veterinary care if exposed. Keep your eye on Fido and Fluffy for gas-related symptoms.

If your gas line is damaged, call Maitz Home Services for quality gas line repair and installations.

No More Gas Leaks, Ever!

All gas pipes will corrode with time. That is why a regular gas leak inspection is essential to prevent gas leaks and to limit damage and costly repairs in the future.

Annual HVAC maintenance is another way to ensure that there are no small gas leaks in your home. Maitz Home Services has been providing residents with safe and accurate gas leak detection and repairs for over 50 years. Call us for quality gas line services in Allentown, or schedule a service online.

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