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Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacement in Allentown, PA

If your home is over 50 years old, it may be time for new, up-to-date outlets. Call Maitz Home Services and find out what we can do for you.

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Many older homes lack the convenience of new outlets that offer features such as USB charging. If you and your family rely on gadgets that require USB to charge but are always running out of outlets, call Maitz Home Services and ask about our USB wall outlet installation in Allentown, PA.

Is it time to upgrade your home’s wiring? Call us and ask about our wiring repair & replacement service today.

What Are GFCI Outlets?

A GFCI outlet stands for ground fault circuit interrupter and it’s designed to protect people from electric shocks and faults when using electronic devices. The way these outlets work is by comparing the input currents from the ‘hot’ side and the neutral side and cutting off the power when it detects a difference in currents. These outlets are essential in areas where there’s electricity and water or moisture.

Electrical Outlet Repair

Benefits of a GFCI Outlet Installation

Now that you know what a GFCI outlet is, let’s look at the benefits of getting a GFCI receptacle installation in your home.

  • PREVENTS SHOCKS: The most important benefit to getting a GFCI outlet installation is it reduces or prevents shocks and electrocution, which can save lives.
  • PREVENTS ELECTRICAL FIRES: Since GFCI outlets shut down power when they detect faults, they reduce the chance of electrical fires starting.
  • PREVENTS DAMAGE TO ELECTRONICS: Surges of electricity can damage appliances and other electronic items and having a GFCI outlet prevents this from happening.

Do you experience frequent breaker trips? Find out if our breaker panel replacement service is right for you.

What About AFCI Outlets?

Maybe you’re wondering if you need an AFCI outlet installation with a GFCI installation too. AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) protects against damage and fires caused by arcing faults. Arcing faults are common in homes with old, deteriorated wiring. If your home is older, call your local residential electric company and ask them to assess your home’s outlets and recommend the electrical outlet repair to make your home safer.

Most homeowners can benefit from an electrical outlet repair whether it’s a GFCI outlet installation or USB wall outlet installation. Call Maitz Home Services today or book an appointment online.

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