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Allentown Air Quality Solutions

When it comes to improving indoor air quality, no one does it better than Maitz Home Services!

Have you checked your indoor air quality lately? Very few homeowners do, and then they wonder why they have allergies and itchy, watery eyes. If you think you may be suffering from poor IAQ, you’ve come to the right place. Maitz Home Services in Allentown, PA offers air quality solutions for every home, with quality air cleaners, air purification systems, ventilators, UV lamps, and more. Poor IAQ is the result of carcinogens in the air, mold, dust, together with poor ventilation.If you’re suffering from poor indoor air quality, call Maitz Home Services for help. We have served this community with healthy air solutions for more than fifty years.

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We offer the following air quality solutions:

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

At Maitz Home Services, we believe that every home in Allentown deserves good air quality, so we provide IAQ services by certified technicians who are trained to improve your air quality. We can give you and your family clean air that is safe to breathe. We have partnered with reputable manufacturers to provide quality air purifiers, germicidal lamps, and humidifiers to restore the air quality in your home.

The risks of inhaling contaminated indoor air may not become apparent until years after the initial exposure. Eye, throat and nose irritation, headaches, and frequent colds may result, and they will usually disappear when the contaminants are removed. You will feel the difference with the IAQ solutions from Maitz Home Services.

Residential Air Quality Services

At Maitz Home Services, our technicians will apply the most suitable techniques to restore clean air in your home. We offer air cleaners, ventilators, UVC/UVV oxidation systems, germicidal UVC lamps, and whole-house air cleaners that can improve your IAQ by 50%.

Call us today to speak to an IAQ expert. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the best options for your home.

Dusty air ducts equal bad air quality. Call us today for air duct cleaning by certified experts in the field.

DIY Tips to Improve Your Air Quality

There are things you can do on your own to improve and maintain good IAQ. You may even have to change your lifestyle in order to make this possible. Here are a few things in your home that may be contributing to your air quality problem:

  • POOR VENTILATION – Condensation, a dirty HVAC system, foul odors, and mold all contribute to poor IAQ.
  • TOXIC SUBSTANCES – Common household cleaners like soaps, bleaches, detergents, and others may produce harmful vapors that can harm affect your overall health.
  • SMOKING – Any form of smoking, pipes, cigars, cannabis, even vaping, can harm the lungs. Persons with impaired immune deficiency, children, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.
  • PETS – Pet hair and dander can also cause allergies and respiratory issues.

If you need professional help, call the team at Maitz Home Services for an indoor air quality evaluation.

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