Eco-Friendly Holiday Lights For Spreading Conscious Cheer


Eco-Friendly Holiday Lights For Spreading Conscious Cheer

Eco-Friendly Holiday Lights For Spreading Conscious Cheer

Upgrading Your Holiday Lighting Options

December is a time of joy, peace, and holiday cheer. It’s also a time of decorations and lighting that tend to wreak havoc on the environment, and energy bills for that matter. If everyone truly wants joy to the world and peace to all, it should start by doing a small but huge part to help the world.

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Even though much of the holiday decor isn’t eco-friendly, there are plenty of options that are. Read on to find out what you can do to make your home and holiday lighting eco-friendly for the holidays.

Upgrade to LED Lighting

In the old days, all holiday lighting decor ran off of full-powered lightbulbs. Not only were these dangerous due to the high heat they put out, but they were also a drain on electricity. Electric bills increase by hundreds of dollars over the holidays and it’s not because the family came for the holidays.

The increase in power usage is due to old-time holiday lights. Today, however, there are new and improved holiday indoor lighting options that save the earth and your wallet.

LED lighting options are just as bright, and sometimes brighter. They reduce your electricity use and give off much less heat. LED lighting can be found for everything from Christmas lights to Christmas figurines and holiday scenes.

You Can Harness the Sun Too!

Relatively new to the market, solar-powered lights are a fantastic alternative to traditional lighting. Solar-powered lighting can be used for motion-sensor lights or lights to line your driveway. These are especially helpful for guests when they’re trying to find their way to your home. Lazers and holiday lights can also be solar-powered.

By using solar power holiday lighting outdoors, the sun charges your lights during the day and you’ll have enough energy to run them during dark hours. This keeps your house looking festive and cheery without using electricity and keeping your lighting expenses down. Sunlight is the perfect renewable energy source to take advantage of this holiday.

A Holiday Classic Gets an Upgrade

In addition to eco-friendly indoor and outdoor holiday lighting, LED candles, votives, and tealights are an excellent option for bringing the warm glow of candles into your home. Safer than real candles, LED options will mimic real candles by flickering and moving. They look like real candles and provide the warm glow often accompanying live flame.

These are safe options especially if you have children in your home or expect a child to come with guests. There is no wax that melts and no flame to burn little fingers. LED candles are eco-friendly because they can be reused for years to come. LED candles come in all shapes and sizes from large round votives to tall tapered candles to small tea-lights.

If you want candles for outdoor holiday scenes, you can find Light Emitting Diode versions that are safe for outdoor use, as well. No matter what style of decor you desire to match, you’ll be able to find LED candles that fit your needs.

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