Protect Your Home From the New Halloween Trends

Protect Your Home From the New Halloween Trends

Are Your Outlets Safe Enough for Halloween Trees and Twinkling Lights?

Most of the time, the outlets in the home are the last thing that is thought about when it comes to taking care of and maintaining the property. However, it is vital that every homeowner understands that if an outlet issue goes neglected, it could lead to an electrical emergency in no time at all. This year, the new Halloween trends could put a strain on many homeowners’ outlets.

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All homeowners are encouraged to have their homes checked by an electrician to ensure that everything is safe and working efficiently before they put up their Halloween decorations. All the added power usage weighs on the electrical system as a whole. Below is more information on outlets and when to replace them.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Outlets

Just like any other electrical appliance in the home, there comes a time when the outlets need to be replaced as well. On a daily basis, outlets don’t require any real maintenance, but when it is time to replace them, there will be evident signs. When these signs show up, it is crucial that the homeowner replaces them as soon as possible. However, it should be done with the help of a trained professional to ensure the safety of everyone in the household.

Some common signs that it’s time to replace an outlet are:

  • Outlet isn’t secured into the wall
  • Plugs falls out of the outlet
  • Outlet won’t work
  • Outlet is chipped or broken
  • Burned or melted outlet
  • Outlet is hot
  • Wall behind the outlet is discolored from smoke

Different Outlets To Choose From

In today’s world, there are several different types of outlets to choose from. Depending on the homeowners’ preferences and lifestyle, there is an outlet for any electrical need. Some are designed for convenience, and some for safety.

Below is a list of the different outlets followed by a short description:

  • Switch Outlet: This type of outlet has a light switch on top and the outlet is on the bottom
  • USB Outlet: This type of outlet has a USB port in the middle of the outlet for electronic charging convenience
  • Smart Outlet: This type of outlet can be turned on and off from a smartphone
  • 20A Outlet: This type of outlet is specifically designed to handle a heavier power load
  • AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlet: This type of outlet protects the system and home from arcs
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlet: This type of outlet shuts off the power to the outlet when a short circuit is detected

Here’s Why It Helps To Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional ensures that the home stays as safe as possible throughout the entire process. Replacing an outlet sounds like a simple task, but when it comes to electrical work, even the simplest tasks are dangerous. That is why it is crucial to have a professional there to get the job done safely and efficiently, so the homeowner has nothing to worry about.

Another great reason to hire a professional is that they have years of hands-on experience in the field that gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing that their home is in capable hands.

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