3 Tips for Upgrading Your Detached Garage’s Wiring System

3 Tips for Upgrading Your Detached Garage’s Wiring System

Detached garages may seem old school, but this is what makes them the perfect candidates for electrical upgrades. Electricians can make different types of upgrades to this type of garage to increase its value. This article focuses on electrical upgrades that are perfect for most detached garages.

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1. Are GFCI Outlets Required in a Detached Garage?

GFCI outlets are so beneficial to homeowners that some states have listed them as basic home construction requirements. Also known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets, these devices automatically cut off power when they establish electrical current flowing in an unintended path. For example, when a person is about to be electrocuted, this outlet detects the electrical current’s path and disables it instantly.

Homeowners use detached garages for so many reasons, not only to store their vehicles. Some may use these garages to run various projects requiring electricity, making such an environment a hotspot for electrocution or even fires. However, with a GFCI outlet in place, such risks are minimized, saving lives and property.

2. Inspect the Condition of Circuit Breakers and Wiring Systems

A circuit breaker is a device that automatically cuts off the supply of electricity as a safety measure. An overloaded circuit is one of the most common reasons for a circuit breaker to trip. Given that there are usually several appliances plugged in at a detached garage, the circuit tripping changes are always high.

Some common electrical devices in a detached garage include:

  • Fridges
  • Deep freezers
  • Fans
  • Power tools
  • Televisions
  • Electronics

When all these devices get plugged in at once, the circuit may break. Given that circuit breakers help save lives and reduce the risk of fires and damages caused by electricity, it is crucial to ensure that this device functions properly. While at it, homeowners should also inspect the wiring systems to establish if they are defective or in good condition.

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3. Install an Electric Car Charger

One of the major upgrades to consider is installing an electric car charger in a detached garage. There is every reason to believe that electric cars are the future of the automobile industry, and the last thing homeowners want is to have a garage that does not serve this purpose.

While there are several charging stations for electric cars across the state, it is more convenient to have these chargers in the garage at home. This option makes it easier for homeowners to charge their electric vehicles from home and not worry about break-ins and other common challenges associated with public charging stations.

These three major upgrades may seem easy on paper, but they require a lot of training and experience to carry out. When it comes to matters involving electricity, it is always wise to let experts take care of everything. A licensed electrical technician should complete these upgrades in the safest and most effective way possible.

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