Top 4 Benefits of Landscape Outdoor Lighting

Top 4 Benefits of Landscape Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting ranked #2 on the nationwide survey, What Homebuyers Really Want, 2021 Edition*. A whopping  87% of buyers noted outdoor lights as a desirable or essential feature. With a percentage that high, it’s safe to say quality landscape outdoor lighting is a hot commodity. It may even increase the desirability of your home—but that’s not the only benefit.

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You’ll also enhance curb appeal, illuminate features, and protect your family from potential intruders. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of exterior lighting.

Why You Need Landscape Outdoor Lighting


We’ve compiled a list of the top four benefits homeowners enjoy after upgrading their homes with landscape outdoor lighting.

1. Enhanced Home Value

Not only is lighting aesthetically pleasing, but it enhances the value of your home. It also increases the usability of your space, provides greater security, and gives your home a cozier feel. If you want to increase your home’s market value, take advantage of this easy, affordable strategy.

2. Curb-Appeal

Installing landscape outdoor lighting creates ambiance by offering a better visual of your home’s appealing exterior features. It also makes your house and outdoor space look bigger. Outdoor lighting comes in various sizes, styles, and colors, so you can find an option that best suits your preferences.

3. Illumination

The primary purpose of exterior lighting is to illuminate your outdoor space so you can navigate it safely and enjoy it any time of day. It also highlights your yard’s standout features, such as trees, flower beds, and furniture and decor. 

With quality landscape outdoor lighting, you can entertain guests in your backyard for cookouts, pool parties, and campfires throughout the year.

4. Safety & Security

One factor every homeowner cares about is security. Home is the one place where you and your family should always feel safe, and proper exterior lighting plays a role in achieving that. 

Installing landscape outdoor lighting—particularly motion-sensing lights—could deter intruders. If burglars think someone is home, they’re less likely to break in.

Experts suggest mimicking human activity as a second layer of protection against home intrusions. All this means is turning interior and exterior lights on and off when you’re away as you normally would if you were home. This strategy will make intruders think you’re home even when you’re not.

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 Say goodbye to fumbling for your house key and tripping on your front porch steps once it gets dark outside. With quality exterior lighting, you’ll increase the functionality and ambiance of your outdoor space for family, guests, and friends. If you’re ready to enhance the value of your home while illuminating your outdoor space and keeping your family safe by contacting Maitz Home Services to install a landscape outdoor lighting system.

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