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Maitz Home Services is a licensed and insured HVAC company in Allentown, PA providing a full line of heating and cooling services, including AC Evaporator coil cleaning, replacement, and repair. Our team is made up of NATE-certified technicians who have been fully vetted so you can feel comfortable when we come into your home. We carry top-notch tools and products from reputable suppliers that come with a generous warranty.

If you need ac evaporator services, call the specialists at Maitz Home Services for quality service. We will be glad to provide a complete evaluation of your AC system and evaporator coils.


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What Are Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils?

Air conditioning systems are made up of many moving components. One of the most important parts is the evaporator coils inside the air handler. These coils are what cools the air in your house. They also dehumidify the house by eliminating condensed water in the coils.

Evaporator coils that are clogged with dirt and debris will freeze and become unable to filter cool air. This causes your air conditioning system to stop working properly. Call Maitz Home Services for an inspection of your AC system’s evaporator coils to determine if they require service.

Remember: It is important to clean or replace evaporator coals regularly, particularly if your current AC system is older.

Evaporator Coil Replacement & Repairs

If your AC system is not cooling properly and if there is ice build-up on the evaporator coils, it could be due to bad coils. Be sure to call a licensed expert who has the credentials to provide quality evaporator coil repair and replacement service.

At Maitz Home Services, we handle air conditioning issues related to faulty evaporator coils. If we find that the evaporator coils are to blame for your poor AC performance, we will repair them or replace them, so you can continue to enjoy your AC system. Call us, and we will be delighted to provide a free evaluation.

We offer a complete line of air conditioning services guaranteed to last for decades.

Clean Your AC Evaporator Coils!

Smart property owners have the evaporator coils in their AC system checked regularly by a qualified expert. Evaporator coils should always be dust free and clean, so your AC unit can operate properly.

If you have a maintenance plan with Maitz Home services, evaporator coil inspection, repair, and cleaning are included in the tune-up. Our maintenance plans will ensure that your entire HVAC system is good to go this summer, and that includes the evaporator coils.

Maitz Home Services is always ready to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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