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Central air conditioning systems are made up of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit also called an air handler, will circulate clean, cool air through your home all year long. When combined with a heat pump, an air handler will distribute either hot or cool air contingent on the climate outside. A properly sized ac air handler will allow you and your family to enjoy clean, comfortable air all year round. air handlers can also significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system

If you believe your HVAC or AC air handler is not working correctly, call the ac air handler experts at Maitz Home Services in Allentown, PA. We offer air handler installations, repairs, and replacements, and we can help you choose an air handler to go with your current AC system.

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Trusted AC Air Handler Repairs

Call Maitz Home Services for air handler repairs in Allentown. We stay up to date with the latest in cooling and heating to better serve our customers with the highest level of air handler reparations. Our team understands the nuances of air handlers and has the experience to restore your current ac air handler with exact precision. We will leave your air handler running like new again.

Air handler leaks are a common repair problem. A leak in your unit can lead to extensive damage, rust, and mold breeding inside the air conditioning system, so it is wise to call a professional for repairs as soon as possible.

Air duct cleaning is important for your AC system to maintain peak efficiency year-round.

AC Air Handler Replacement and Installation

At Maitz Home Services, we have been installing ac air handlers for nearly fifty years. We carry all types and sizes of air handlers, and our installers are NATE-certified HVAC experts who have received thorough training in the latest ac air handler technology.

Whether you want to replace only the air handler or prefer to replace both the indoor and outdoor units, you’ll be sure to receive the best performance from your HVAC system because it is running on the most current technology available.

Need to have your air handler inspected? All of our air handler repairs are always code-compliant and performed by certified technicians.

Call Maitz Home Services in Allentown, PA for high-quality air handler repair and replacement by licensed HVAC technicians.

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