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When disaster strikes, you need a residential electrician you can count on to be there when you need them. Call Maitz Home Services the next time you need an expert electrical contractor.

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When you’re without power, or have some other electrical trouble in your home, you need expert help that’s available according to your schedule. Maitz Home Services has been serving the Bethlehem, PA residents with quick, reliable help for all their residential electrical needs and we can do that for you too. Put us in your contact list and remember to call the next time you need an electrician.

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When to Call for Emergency Electrical Services

Your home’s electrical system is complex and anything can go wrong. Here are the most common reasons you may need an emergency electrical contractor

  • OUTLET OVERLOAD: Too much load on an outlet will cause it to heat up and possibly catch fire. If you have an overloaded outlet, call for help immediately.
  • POWER OUTAGE: Sometimes, power outages are caused by electrical storms that knock out a substation, while other times, the issue is within your home’s electrical system. If you can’t diagnose the problem, call for help and let a professional handle it.
  • SPARKS: If you have an outlet or switch that sparks when you plug in a device, it’s a sign that something is wrong and needs immediate attention. Sparking outlets can lead to electrical fires and electrocution.

Do you Need an Outlet Upgrade?

Are your outlets safe? Many homes over 50 years old don’t have outlets capable of handling today’s electrical loads or protecting users from shock. That’s why you need to consider a breaker panel and/or a GFCI outlet upgrade. Here are the advantages.

  • GFCI OUTLETS PREVENT SHOCKS: The top advantage to a ground fault circuit interrupter is that it prevents shocks and electrocution by using a built-in sensor to monitor the flow of electricity and shutting it off when it detects a problem.
  • GFCI OUTLETS PREVENT FIRE: When an electrical flow leaves a circuit, it can cause a fire. GFCI outlets guard against this, making your home and your family safer.
  • GFCI OUTLETS PROTECT DEVICES: When electrical current leaks into your appliances or devices, it can cause damage and ultimate failure. GFCI outlets protect your expensive appliances and devices from leakage and degradation.

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Have You Considered a Backup Generator? Here’s Why You Should!

If you live in an area that sees frequent electrical storms, you know how inconvenient it is when the power goes out. Now, imagine having a home-based business and being out of power for days waiting on a repair. Or having to rely on electricity for life-saving medical devices to operate. Investing in a backup generator installation is a great way to defend against electrical outages and protect your family. Call us today and find out how a backup generator could benefit your home.

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