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Electricity is nothing to mess with. So if you have electrical problems in your home, call the electrical contractor with over 50 years of experience in Emmaus, PA – call Maitz Home Services!

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Most homeowners experience electrical issues throughout the house. Whether it’s a power outage or an outlet going bad, these things crop up. And when they do, you need an electrician you can count on to treat your home with respect and get the job done right the first time. At Maitz Home Services, our reputation and reputable work are why we’re one of the most trusted companies in the Emmaus, PA area.

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Emergency Electrical Services in Emmaus, PA

Sometimes, your electrical issue is an emergency that can’t wait. And when something happens, it’s good to have a reliable electrician you can count on when you need them most. Here are the most common emergency electrical situations you may encounter.

  • Strange burning smells coming from the walls or outlets
  • Walls or outlets feel hot
  • Sparks coming from outlets
  • Electrical cords are hot
  • Power outage

While some people like to ‘do it yourself’ to save a few bucks, it’s best to call an electrical contractor when you need help with your electrical work to ensure everyone’s safety and to have the job done right the first time.

Time to Upgrade Your Outlets?

Electrical Outlet Repair

You probably haven’t given a second thought about your home’s outlets, but did you know you can keep your family safer by getting a GFCI outlet upgrade? Here are a few things to consider.

  • GFCI outlets are best installed where electricity can come into contact with moisture
  • GFCI outlets shut down when they experience a power imbalance and protect against shock and electrocution
  • Most homes built before 1970 don’t have GFCI outlets

If you’re not sure what outlets you have or want a recommendation, call us and let us assess your home’s needs and see if you need a GFCI receptacle upgrade.

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Benefits of Installing an Emergency Generator

If you live in an area that sees frequent electrical storms you know how inconvenient it is when the power goes out. Now, imagine living in a rural area and having to wait for days for a repair. Sadly, for many people, this is the case, but it doesn’t have to be like that. With a backup generator installation, you can continue to live your life as normal until power is restored. Check out these benefits.

  • Food doesn’t spoil
  • No interruption in power
  • Live your life normally
  • No damage or surge when the power comes back on
  • Vital medical equipment continues working

Call Maitz Home Services today and see if an emergency generator is right for you.

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