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Here in Hellertown, PA, the residents experience a wide range of temperatures; from the blazing heat of the summer to the frozen depths of the winter. And they need to rely on their HVAC systems to keep up to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. At Maitz Home Services, we know how important your comfort is, which is why we offer extended hours to better serve you.

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Signs You Need Emergency AC or Heater Repair

Hellertown residents depend on their HVAC systems running efficiently and lasting a long time. However, like any appliance, they break down and fail. Watch out for these symptoms of a sick HVAC system and call for help at the first sign of trouble.

  • STRANGE NOISES: Noises like grinding, rattling, or buzzing say something’s not right. Shut down the system and call a pro.
  • POOR AIR FLOW: If the airflow through the house is weak, it could show a failing or compromised blower.
  • LACK OF HEAT OR COLD: If your system takes longer than usual to reach the desired temperature, or never gets there no matter how long it runs, it’s time to call a pro for help ASAP.

How to Keep Your Furnace Healthy

A new furnace is expensive, and no one wants to deal with a messy, expensive replacement if they don’t have to. The key to keeping your system efficient and long-lasting is to perform routine maintenance. The best way to go about this is to call your local central heating and air conditioning specialist and ask them about their furnace maintenance and tune-up service. Do this once a year and you’ll get the most use out of your system as possible and avoid costly repairs.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your AC?

The thought of replacing an air conditioner can make anyone sweat, which is why they usually opt to repair their system rather than replace it. However, sometimes a new air conditioning installation and replacement is the best move and here’s how to know.

  • Your AC is over 15 years old
  • The repairs are becoming more frequent
  • Your energy bills continue to rise because your old system is inefficient
  • The cost of the repair is more than half of the cost of a new installation

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