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Whole-House Humidifier Installation in New Jersey

Dry air in your home can cause a whole host of problems, including dry skin, respiratory irritation, creaking floors, and more. One of the best ways to combat dry air is by installing a whole-house humidifier. Whole-home humidifiers can keep moisture content in the air at optimal levels, providing comfort and protecting your possessions from excessively dry air.

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What Does a Whole-House Humidifier Do?

As the name implies, a whole-house humidifier balances air moisture content throughout your whole house. Whole-home humidifiers are typically placed between the furnace output duct and the air return duct so they can add moisture to the air that comes through your HVAC system and ducts. The opposite of a whole-home humidifier is a whole-home dehumidifier.  

Humidifiers carry several benefits that make whole-house humidifier installation worth considering, including those listed below:

  • Better respiratory health. Dry air can aggravate allergies and cause cracked lips and sore throats. 
  • Higher quality sleep. Excessively dry air can also impact sleep quality, making it harder to fall and stay asleep. 
  • Temperature control. Humid air has a higher heat content, so it can regulate temperatures in your home, preventing it from falling too low. 
  • Protect flooring and furniture. Wooden furniture and flooring can shrink and crack.
  • More comfort during dry months. Winter, in particular, might be more comfortable.

Modern homes use three main types of whole-home humidifiers:


Bypass models are the simplest design and work by heating water in a tray with hot air from your furnace. The furnace fan then pushes the water vapor through your ducts, increasing the moisture content of your indoor air. Bypass humidifiers are typically the cheapest type but are less efficient than other models. 


Fan-powered humidifiers are similar to bypass humidifiers, except they use their own built-in fan instead of piggybacking off the furnace fan. Fan-powered systems can produce more water vapor because they have their own fan system, and you don’t need to run them through your air ducts. The major risks of fan-powered humidifiers are fan breakdowns and malfunctions. 


Steam humidifiers use electricity or burn natural gas to boil water and pipe the steam through your HVAC system. Steam humidifiers are extremely efficient and powerful, but they are usually the most expensive kind of humidifier to buy and install.

Why You Might Need a Whole-Home Humidifier

So, how do you know if you need a whole-home humidifier? If you notice any of the following signs, you should give Maitz Home Services a call to discuss whole-home humidifiers. 

  • Peeling Wallpaper: Dry air can dry out wallpaper and cause it to shrink and crack, creating runs along your walls. Dry air can also cause wall paint to crack, flake, and become discolored and faded.  
  • Cracked Walls/Furniture: Wooden furniture will start to crack and lose its luster if it becomes too dry. Wooden floorboards can shrink, creating cracks in the seams and impacting floorboard alignment. 
  • Dry Skin: If your skin is dryer than normal and gets irritated easily, then a humidifier might help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.  
  • Excessive Static: Static electricity builds up in dry environments. Aside from annoying shocks, excessive static electricity can damage electronics, such as TVs, game consoles, and appliances.
  • Sore Throat: Some of the most common signs of excessively dry air are a sore throat, cracked lips, and congestion. Humidifiers can make it easier and more comfortable to breathe in your home. 

Whole-House Humidifier Installation Services With Maitz

Whether you need humidifier repair, replacement, or new installation, our team can see the project through. We use our five decades of experience to address and solve your problems efficiently. No matter what time you experience a breakdown, our 24/7 emergency team will be there to help. We also offer several deals and promotional offers to keep our prices competitive and fair. 

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