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Water Heaters in Allentown, Pennsylvania are sold and serviced by Maitz Home Services. Maitz Home Services is your local water heating expert. We can help you determine the best system for your home, family, and budget. Then our Master Plumbers can professionally install your new system usually the same day you call! We’ll then back it up with years of worry-free service and energy savings. When selecting the best type and model of water heater for your home our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you.
Call 610-435-7100 for information about Allentown water heater sales, service and more. Read our tips on how to use, maintain and troubleshoot your water heater safely.

Are You in Need of Allentown Water Heater Repair Services?

When your Allentown water heater is in need of service or repair there are usually a few warning signs. If the water from your faucet is discolored or contains particles this may be a sign that there is corrosion or worn out parts in your water heater. If there is pressure loss or fluctuating temperature water your appliance may need to be repaired. If your water heater makes noise or shakes than you may need Allentown water heater repair. Watch your water heater for signs that it may need repair before you lose hot water when you need it.

Is Your Water Heater in Allentown PA In Need of Replacement?

Repair work isn't always sufficient for faulty water heaters. Water heaters in Allentown sometimes require complete replacement. If your water heater needs replacement, our company offers complete replacement service. We install and set up your new water heater and completely remove the old one. Replacement is often the best idea for appliances that are old or worn, regardless of warning signs. If your water heater is a decade old or older, it may be in need of replacement. Water heaters that are older tend to have ever-increasing problems. Paying for frequent repairs is costly and time-consuming. Save money and assure your hot water needs with Allentown hot water heater replacement.

Inexpensive Service for Water Heaters in Allentown

Maitz Home Services has a great reputation in Allentown as inexpensive, reliable providers of water heater services in Allentown. Our customers receive exceptional support and are happy with the money they save. If you are in need of Allentown water heater service, repair or replacement that's competitively priced, our company can help you today. Having a reliable water heater does not need to cost you a great deal of money.

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Call us to schedule an appointment for our in-depth and thorough water heater services in Allentown. Our technicians are experts in water heater sales, service and repair and are ready to help you. Reserve an appointment with our professionals and courteous staff at Allentown water heaters.

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