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The next time you need an electrician contractor in the Whitehall, PA area, there’s only one name that should be at the top of your list — Maitz Home Services!

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At Maitz Home Services, we’ve been providing top-rated outlet repair services and general residential electrical services to the people of Whitehall, PA, and beyond for over 50 years. Our expert, background-checked techs are standing by ready to help whenever you call.Don’t think you can afford a residential electrician? Check out our specials and coupons page and then call us for an appointment.

Electrical Outlet Repair

Should You Get a GFCI Receptacle Upgrade?

If your home is over 50 years old, chances are it still has the original outlets. While old outlets are ok, you can better protect your family by upgrading to GFCI outlets and here’s why. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets reduce the risk of shock or electrocution when electricity and water are present and can save you or your children’s lives. Here are the places to use them:

  • In the bathroom
  • The kitchen
  • Around the pool
  • In the laundry room
  • In the basement

If you’re not sure if you need GFCI outlet upgrades, call us and let us inspect your home today.

Are You Still Using Fuses? Here’s Why You Should Upgrade

Many older homes use fuse boxes to regulate electricity, and while they served their purpose well back then, today’s homes with power hungry appliances require more. If your home still has an old fuse box, consider an electrical service panel replacement to a breaker panel. Flipping a tripped breaker is easier than replacing a fuse, and a new electrical panel upgrade can give your home more power to make better use of your appliances, electronics, and gadgets.

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Why Install a Backup Generator?

Anyone who’s lived through a lengthy power outage knows how inconvenient and dangerous it can be. You may lose all of your food in the refrigerator and if you depend on medical equipment, being without power can be tragic. With all the electrical storms in the area, it’s a smart investment to protect your family with an emergency generator installation. Call us today and find out how it can benefit your family.

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