The Importance of Going Green With Eco-Friendly Plumbing

The Importance of Going Green With Eco-Friendly Plumbing

Eco-Friendly Plumbing is Here!

The damage that is currently being done to the planet is going to cause catastrophic problems someday. Very subtle things can be done to help save the environment and practice eco-friendly plumbing. The plumbers at Maitz have some tips regarding simple things that you can do at home to help contribute to the safety of the planet.

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1. Install Green Water Pipes

A quick solution that homeowners can perform in their home is to change their water pipe material. Ensuring that pipes are the right size for their purpose can improve water pressure, decrease chances of water leaks, and reduce the loss of heat in hot water tanks.

Steel or PEX pipes are durable and maintain heat well, which prevents additional material from having to be used. Many homes use plastic or copper pipes.

If that is the case, pipe insulators can be added for a low price. This simple addition can reduce heat loss by 80%. Insulated pipes will also provide homeowners with an eco-friendly solution because less energy will be needed to heat the water.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Bathroom Solutions

Many quick fixes can happen in the bathroom to help the family go green. One option is to purchase an eco-friendly toilet. These are relatively inexpensive and will help the environment and save money on your bill. “Green” toilets can use 20% to 60% less water compared to regular toilets. Many toilets come with the option that includes dual functions that allow users to select the amount of water flow based on need.

Another option in the bathroom is water-efficient shower heads. They can reduce water flow by up to 1.75 gallons per minute (standard shower heads flow at 2.5 gallons per minute). Users would be using 30% less water as a result. Eco-friendly faucets can also be purchased for bathroom sinks. Some of the newer faucets give off tremendous water pressure with less water output.

3. Don’t Forget About Outdoor Plumbing

Many homeowners forget about their outdoor plumbing systems, and that is costing them a lot of money and wasted water. About 30% of all the water used in the United States comes from outdoor use.

Outdoor watering systems are available to keep your lawn looking thick and green. An outdoor tank can be installed to collect rainwater to be used for landscaping needs. Irrigation systems that schedule when and how long the water stays on can be an efficient way to avoid wasting water.

Many landscaping companies also recommend using drip systems instead of spray systems. They are more efficient and much better for the environment. And, don’t forget to consistently check on unseen leaks and drips that could be happening without someone noticing.

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