How to Ensure Your AC System Is Installed Properly

How to Ensure Your AC System Is Installed Properly

Proper AC installation ensures peak system performance. When your system is installed correctly, you get to enjoy:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Longer lasting system
  • Reliable comfort

When your AC system is installed incorrectly, your home comfort takes a direct hit. Energy efficiency plummets, resulting in higher monthly energy bills and a worn-down system with a shorter lifespan. Who knew a seemingly minor aspect like system installation had such major implications on overall performance? If you’re concerned that your AC system wasn’t installed properly, contact your local HVAC technicians at Maitz Home Services.

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5 Steps to Ensure Your AC System Is Properly Installed

Want to make sure your AC system was installed correctly? Follow this handy five-step guide:

1. Check the Ducts

Air ducts are responsible for moving air between the indoor and outdoor AC units and throughout your home. Malfunctioning ducts hinder this process. Make sure the outdoor unit connects properly to the indoor unit. This connection enables the AC system to produce cool air and transfer that air to every room in your home. Take time to repair holes, fill cracks, and tighten hardware as needed.

2. Check the Filters

Check the Filters - How to Ensure Your AC System Is Installed Properly

An incorrectly installed AC system can produce air filters that either get dirty too quickly or don’t filter contaminants properly. If you find yourself constantly replacing the air filters or getting sick at home, you may need a technician to reinstall your AC system.

3. Check the Wiring

The wiring is what connects the AC system to the power supply. Loose or incorrectly installed wiring can hinder home cooling by blocking the power your system needs to function. If you experience AC issues due to faulty wiring, contact a professional for assistance.

4. Check Your Energy Bill

After a new AC system is installed, pay close attention to your energy bills. A sudden price hike could be the result of a botched AC installation. Systems incorrectly installed are less energy-efficient. Energy inefficiency forces your system to use more energy to produce the cool air you need, which increases cost.

If you notice a significant price increase in your monthly energy bill, schedule a service with your local HVAC technician to reinstall your system properly. You should see your energy bill return to its normal amount soon after.

5. Check the Refrigerant Level



Refrigerant is a coolant that enables the cooling process in air conditioning systems. As air transfers to the indoor AC unit from the outdoor AC unit, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air and cools it for indoor use. However, if the refrigerant level fluctuates constantly, the system may have been installed incorrectly and necessitate a redo.

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