7 Benefits of Installing an Electric Charging Station at Home

7 Benefits of Installing an Electric Charging Station at Home

Electric car sales have been skyrocketing, with Tesla leading the charge throughout the years. 

No matter your EV of choice, there is one thing all-electric car owners have in common: the need to charge their cars. 

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Because electric vehicle usage is only growing in popularity, your local HVAC and electrical companies like Maitz Home Service have become skilled at installing electric charging stations customized to your home. 

Curious to know more? Read on to find out why more and more homeowners are opting for their own electric chagrin station in Pennsylvania.

What Is an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

Electric EV Charging Station

An electric vehicle charging station is like a gas pump—but it supplies electricity instead of gasoline. This is because many EVs rely solely on electricity to fuel them.

Electric vehicle charging stations fuel up your EV by charging the portable battery in your car. The car connects to the charging station, and the station converts alternating current (AC) of 120 volts, 240 volts, or higher into whatever voltage the electric vehicle requires to operate.

7 Benefits of Installing a Car Electric Charging Station in Your Home

1. It’s Easier on Your Wallet

Just like gas prices, electric prices at public EV charging stations are susceptible to price fluctuations. Having an at-home EV charging station ensures you can fuel your car for a flat rate every time. In the long run, this makes fueling up your car cheaper compared to fueling it up at public charging stations.

2. It’s Safer & More Convenient

No need to worry about where the nearest charging station is or if it’s safe to get your car charged outside your home. With your in-home charging station, you have peace of mind knowing that it’s more convenient and safer—for you and your car. 

3. It’s Better for Your Battery

Some public charging stations deliver Level 3 power, the fastest type of charging for electric vehicles. While speedily charging your car is nice, EV automakers don’t recommend always using a Level 3 charger. It’s better for the longevity of your battery to use a Level 2 charger. Level 2 charging options are a popular choice to be installed at home. 

4. You May Get a Tax Break

You may get up to a $1,000 credit from the IRS if you install and use an electric charging vehicle solution by December 31, 2022. Learn more here.  

5. It’ll Increase Property Value

Just like renovating and beautifying any part of your home, adding an electric charging station also modernizes your home. This could make your property value increase and set you up for a bigger return later down the line if you were to sell your house. 

6. You’ll Get Faster Charging

Depending on the car charger installed, you may be able to charge your car faster at home than at public stations. Some options include full battery charging in less than an hour. 

7. You Can Relax at Home

The ease and convenience of charging your car right in your own garage mean you get more time to relax and lounge around—or take care of that errand you’ve been meaning to. Charging your car at your house frees up time otherwise spent at a public charging station.

Bonus: You’re In Control 

The bottom line is: you’re in control. Installing an at-home EV charging station allows you to save money, free up time, increase property value, and more. You even have a say in the type and model of charger you want to be installed. 

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