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Why Do You Need a Whole Home Generator?

Why Do You Need a Whole Home Generator?

A sudden power outage in New Jersey can quickly disrupt your daily routine. With more power outages happening statewide, homeowners now face the possibility of living through extended blackouts, especially during inconvenient times like heat waves and storms.

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During these times, a home generator’s reliability and security are invaluable. If you’re considering buying a whole-home generator for your New Jersey residence but need a push to make the final decision, we’re here to help. We’ll explain a home generator, how it works, and why you need one below.

How a Whole-Home Generator Works

A whole-home generator is a system designed to take over when the power goes out, ensuring your home maintains basic functions. The system has two main components: the automatic transfer switch (ATS) and the generator. The generator acts as the primary power source, but the ATS plays a considerable role by automatically detecting when a power outage occurs. When it senses the power going out, it switches your home’s power from the traditional grid to the generator. This prevents your circuits from overloading and power surges from occurring.

One of the most critical aspects of a home generator is that it uses natural gas. That way you won’t have to worry about buying and storing gasoline, like with portable units. It also integrates into your primary electrical system, eliminating the need for using electrical cords to connect to its power source, as you would with a portable unit.

When you compare it to a portable generator that requires manual setup when the power goes out, a whole-home generator offers a more hands-off approach. When the power goes out, the generator will automatically recognize the power disruption and power your whole home right away using natural gas to ensure minimal disruption and downtime.

Cost is one factor that many people consider when deciding between a portable generator and a whole-home generator. Portable units are convenient, but the hassle of running them with little to no light can be off-putting. On the other hand, whole-home generators provide a more integrated, streamlined process. This makes it an excellent investment for many homeowners.

8 Reasons Why You Should Install a Whole Home Generator

Today, a power outage can be more than a simple inconvenience; it can disrupt your life completely. But why do you need a whole-home generator? Along with ensuring your home is ready for power outages, there are several reasons why you would want one of these units. Let’s outline these benefits below.

1. Storm Preparation

Storms are unpredictable and can cause extended power disruptions that create a massive risk for your household. A whole-home generator is a great way to ensure you have power when your utility provider fails or falters. While weather events remain a significant cause of outages in general, various electrical issues can also cause disruptions to your daily life. A whole-home generator ensures your home maintains power, even when a storm hits the electrical grid and causes damage.

2. Protect Your Health
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These generators are more than just a convenience; they’re a lifeline. If you regularly use specialized medical equipment at home, having consistent power can be a matter of life or death. You get a safety net by ensuring your emergency medical equipment continues working even in a power outage. If you have a respiratory condition, like seasonal allergies or asthma, having a continuous power supply to your HVAC system is vital for optimal air quality.

3. Protect Your Food

Generators are a vital backup system when the power goes out. No matter the cause, an outage threatens your home’s perishables. Without electricity, your freezer and refrigerator won’t run, and the food inside can start to spoil. The most efficient, hassle-free solution to keep your food fresh and safe to eat during a blackout is to have a whole-home generator on standby.

4. No Frozen Pipes

As winter brings colder temperatures, your home faces unique challenges. One of the biggest issues during a power outage in the winter is the lack of heat for your home’s pipes. Without enough warmth, your pipes can freeze, and the ice expansion can cause them to burst. If your pipes burst, this can cause extensive water damage, flooding, and potential structural issues. If you have a whole-home generator installed, your heating system will run during an outage, ensuring your pipes stay warm and don’t burst. 

5.  You Work from Home

A significant percentage of the US workforce started working from home in recent years. Power outages can disrupt your workflow by interrupting access to online tools, which causes inefficiencies and revenue loss. You must have steady power to manage or run a business from home. Every hour you go without it can mean delayed deliveries, missed opportunities, and reduced client satisfaction. A generator can protect your daily work from these disruptions, allowing you to meet deadlines and work seamlessly.

6. Provide Power During a Blackout

The main benefit of having a whole-home generator is to give you continuous power during a blackout. But how does it accomplish this? Technically, your generator doesn’t create electricity for you but rather harnesses mechanical energy from natural gas. This energy allows electricity to go through the wiring to your electrical output board to light up your home.

7. You Have a Hybrid or Electric Car

Driving an electric or hybrid car has many benefits attached to it, including fuel savings and reduced emissions. But what happens if you have an unexpected power outage while you’re at home charging? Having a whole-home generator can save you in these situations. By ensuring your vehicle has a steady charge, you can continue driving without a problem.

8. Stay Connected to the Internet

In today’s digital age, having a consistent internet connection is vital. It allows you to work from home, attend classes, stream entertainment, and stay connected to your family and friends. Without power, the best-wired connection or Wi-Fi setup is useless. This is where having a whole-home generator is key to powering your home’s essentials, including your router and modem, to provide uninterrupted internet access.

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Power outages are more than a simple inconvenience. They can disrupt your daily life and work as well as threaten your household electronics and appliances. This is why you need a whole-home generator. This one device will ensure that your house stays comfortable and functional, even during power outages.

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