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Are you worried about a power surge ruining your expensive electronics and appliances? Get peace of mind that comes with a whole house surge protector installation today!

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Here in Allentown, PA, you know how awful lightning storms can be. And when there’s lighting, there’s bound to be power surges. The best way to protect your home’s electronics is by guarding against power surges from lightning strikes and outages. To get the best protection for your home, call Maitz Home Services and let us assess your needs and recommend a way to protect you.

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Surge Protector

Where Power Surges Come From

There are many sources that cause power surges. They can come from inside the home, during a switch on the grid, or from overvoltages on the line. When the surge is strong enough, such as what happens with lightning and downed lines, damage to electronics is inevitable. And while major surges are uncommon, the fact is most homes experience small surges daily, which can cause electronics to decay; that’s why having adequate surge protection is a must.

How to Protect Your Electronics from Electrical Surges

As mentioned, your electronic devices and appliances are susceptible to damage by surges caused by lightning strikes and problems with the grid. The best way to protect valuable electronics is by getting a whole house surge protector installation. A whole house surge protector protects better than the cheap power strips you get at the hardware store by connecting to the home’s electrical service box. If you’re still on the fence, call us for an appointment and let us show you how these surge protectors can benefit you.

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Power Surges and Your Insurance

Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover damage to your electronics or appliances caused by power surges unless you purchase it. Getting a whole house surge protector prevents the damage from happening in the first place and gives you the peace of mind that your expensive computers and gadgets will survive a surge.

Don’t let a lightning strike or power surge knock out your expensive electronics! Call Maitz Home Services and ask about a whole house surge protector installation today.

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