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When your furnace needs service, call the team at Maitz Home Services in Easton, PA. We have been in business since 1964, restoring old furnaces and installing new ones. We are a licensed and insured HVAC contractor. Our intention has always been to provide Easton residents with top-quality heating repairs, no matter whether your furnace is fueled by gas, oil, or electricity.

When you call us for help, we’ll send a licensed technician to your home to inspect your current heating system and to determine what is causing the issue and how to repair it. If your heater is irreparable, we can replace it with one of the many we keep in stock. We offer 24/7 emergency service and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every job we do.

Furnace Repair

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Furnace Repairs You Can Trust

Easton residents know to call Maitz Home Services at the first hint of furnace troubles. That’s because they know that we have been providing the best gas, oil, and electric furnace repair for more than fifty years. They also know that they can count on us when we say we’ll be right over.

Early detection can prevent expensive repairs and even complete heater failure. Staying one step ahead of the game is key, meaning keeping an eye out for signs of trouble such as:

  • Unit is older than 15 years old
  • Loud noises from the furnace
  • Poor to no airflow
  • Gas odor
  • Higher than usual energy bills
  • Frequent cycling

If you spot these warning signs, give us a call, and we’ll send a trained technician to your home to inspect your furnace and determine the best solution.

You can trust Maitz Home Services to provide complete transparency in every job and every transaction. Our technicians are NABET-certified, so your work will be code-compliant and guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Routine Heating Maintenance is Crucial

Even brand new heating systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. In particular, older furnaces must be inspected at least once yearly for signs of wear and tear, lubrication, and other valuable maintenance.

Heating systems are similar to cars. They must be checked routinely by a qualified mechanic. Otherwise, your vehicle can break down and stop running altogether. The same is true for furnaces.

Our technicians will go over your unit, lubricate all moving parts, replace the filter, and troubleshoot it to ensure that it is in top form. Our maintenance inspections include:

  • System calibration
  • Full HVAC system inspection
  • Moving parts lubricated or replaced
  • Electrical & plumbing checked
  • One year warranty on parts and labor

You can learn a lot just by browsing our very informative blog. Check it out!

Why Choose Us as Your Heating Contractor

Here are a few of the reasons more Easton, PA residents choose us than any other local company:

  • Code-compliant repairs and installations
  • Replacement of older and irreversible furnaces
  • Preventative maintenance plans for every home and budget
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services

So, the next time you need a reputable heating contractor, call the Maitz Home Services team. You’ll be glad you did!

Call us at 1-484-205-9622 for fast, reliable emergency HVAC services! Find your local Maitz today for fast, reliable emergency HVAC services in your area!

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