Easton Central Heating & AC Repair

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In this part of the country, you know how crazy temperatures get in summer and winter. Your family deserves to be comfortable all year round, which is why it’s essential your heating and cooling system work efficiently and reliably. If your system isn’t up to the job, call us and ask about our AC maintenance and tune-up before it’s too late.

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When You Need Emergency Heating & Cooling Services

Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the dead of winter, sometimes, your heater or AC fails when you need it most. Here are five signs your AC or heater are failing and you need to call a central air conditioning and heater repair specialist.

  • Noise: If your AC or heater is making grinding or whining noise, it’s a sign of trouble.
  • Foul Odor: Strange smells such as burning or musty smells should be dealt with promptly.
  • Poor Air Flow: Poor airflow throughout the house could indicate a problem with your fan or ductwork.
  • Age: If your system is over 15 years old, it’s due for replacement.
  • No Hot or Cold Air: When you’re not getting adequate hot or cold air from you heater or AC, you need a central AC repair company right away.

AC Installation & Repair

The average air conditioner lasts around 15-20 years, and after that time, think about a replacement. However, rather than go in on the expense of getting a new system, many homeowners prefer to repair their old AC unit instead. Here’s when to consider a replacement versus a repair.

  • Your system is over 15 years old, it’s at the end of its natural life and a replacement is a better option.
  • Energy bills are rising due to your AC being inefficient, a new, high efficiency system will pay for itself in energy savings.
  • The costs of a repair are 50% or more than that of a new unit, getting a new unit makes more economic sense.

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How to Know You Need a New Furnace

Most homeowners would rather repair their current furnace than go all in on a replacement, however, every furnace fails eventually. Here are signs it’s time to call a furnace installation and replacement service.

  • Puts out cold or lukewarm air.
  • Temperatures are inconsistent from room to room.
  • Grinding or squealing noises.
  • Your furnace is over 20 years old.

Whether you need furnace repair service or air conditioning installation and maintenance, if you’re in the Easton, PA area, call Maitz Home Services today at 484-273-4802.