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Your central heating and air system is vital to your family’s comfort. And when it’s on the fritz, you need an expert to fix it quickly – that’s Maitz Home Services. Call today for your appointment.

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Here in Nazareth, PA, residents experience the extremes Mother Nature has to offer — blistering hot summers and deep freeze winters. To be comfortable and safe during these seasons, it’s important your HVAC system work properly. At Maitz Home Services, we have over 50 years’ experience providing top-rated plumbing, electrical, and central AC repair to our residents and beyond.Want to know more about us? Check out our About Us page and then call us when you need help.

Furnace Repair

When to Call for Emergency Heating & AC Repair

Your HVAC system is like any other household appliance; it’s complex and prone to breaking down. Look out for these signs telling you to call for central AC repair before your system fails.

  • System can’t meet the temperature set by the thermostat
  • System emits strange noises like grinding or whining
  • System emits foul-smelling air
  • Temperatures between rooms are different

Failure to get help when your system needs it makes it more likely it’ll break down and fail when you need it most.

Do You Need an AC Replacement?

The average AC system lasts about 15 years, after which time it’s best to replace it. Here are some symptoms your aging system exhibits telling you an upgrade is necessary.

  • Failure to keep your home cool
  • Air isn’t as cold as it used to be
  • Rising energy bills because of AC inefficiency
  • Repairs become more frequent
  • You notice leaking refrigerant

We’re not saying we’re the best central AC repair company, but our customers are. Check out our customer reviews page and then schedule your appointment.

When It’s Better to Replace Your Furnace

For most homeowners, the thought of a furnace installation and replacement is depressing. First there’s the cost, and second, the inconvenience. However, sometimes it’s better to bite the bullet and get a new system rather than repair the old one, and here’s how to know.

  • If your system is over 15 years old, a replacement is due
  • If your energy bills are going up because your system is inefficient, getting a replacement will save you money
  • If the cost to repair your current model is 50% or more than the cost of new, get a new one
  • If the frequency of repairs continues to rise, getting a brand new installation is the better value

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