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  • Do Tankless Water Heaters Get as Hot as Conventional Water Heaters?
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    One of the concerns we hear from homeowners when deciding between a conventional tank-style water heater and a tankless, or on-demand water heater, is whether the tankless unit will get the water hot enough. The short answer is yes.

    Most tankless water heaters have a thermostat that can be adjusted between 100° to 140°, depending on the brand and model. By comparison, most tank water heaters have the temperature set around 120°.

    The key to ensuring the water heater can supply a consistent 120° or higher is the climate and number of sources the tankless water heater will need to supply. It is critical that a tankless water heater is sized based on a household's needs. If the unit is too small for the amount of flow it’s being asked to produce it may work fine for a shower, but not work as needed when a washing machine and a shower are in use at the same time.

    Tankless water heater ratings are based on the rise in water temperature they produce. The colder the temperature of the incoming water supply, the lower the maximum temperature of the heater. This means in a colder climate like the Northeast, you’ll need a larger tankless water heater than someone living in a warmer climate, like Georgia.

    Have questions about which water heater is right for your home? Call Maitz Home Services. We're here to help.

    Written on Wednesday, 21 September 2016 13:20 in Blog

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"Our technician today was Eric Danner. His friendly manner and willingness to answer questions made it a pleasure to have our Air Conditioning service done. He is a definite customer service asset to your company and we look forward to having him do future services in our home. Congratulations on having such an amazing member on your team."

– Joseph N., Quakertown

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