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  • Keeping Your Water Heater Working Safely
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    We often don't think about our water heater until the hot water stops flowing. Water heaters today are highly efficient and reliable plumbing systems. They also employ safety features to prevent scalding and other hazards. Here are some of the dangers that hot water heaters are designed to reduce.

    Excess Hot Water Pressure

    The temperature and pressure relief valve are designed to prevent dangerous pressure build up. When the water pressure or temperature inside the tank reaches a certain level, the valve is designed to prevent damage to the unit and your home's plumbing.

    Hot Water Scalding

    If you have elderly persons or children in your home preventing your hot water from getting to hot is critical. A temping valve on the water heater is designed to reduce the danger of scalding, but it's also important to never set your water heater above the recommended setting.


    If the temperature of the water is kept too low bacteria such as legionella, which caused Legionnaire's disease, can grow in water heaters. The best way of preventing dangerous bacteria from growing in your hot water heater is to ensure the temperature always stays above 122° F.


    Backflow occurs when drinking water and dirty water mix. It most often happens when the pressure in the system changes and waste water is drawn back into the fresh water supply. To prevent backflow contamination water heaters use a one-way valve and in some cases a pressure overflow tank to prevent contamination.

    Have questions about your water heater? Give Maitz Home Services a call, we're here to help.

    Written on Wednesday, 22 July 2015 13:11 in Blog

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"I had a drain back-up, and from the phone call to the completion was a great experience. The service man arrived the same day, and the price that was quoted before he began the work was the final bill. The service man even put on shoe covers to protect my floors! Will use them in the future!"

– Susan G., Easton

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